Adjusting to Army life

Getting adjusted has had its ups and downs. We have all been battling respiratory and GI infections. Our new house is big and beautiful and also covered in puke, poop, and snot. Walker has even christened the playground. I’m beginning to wonder if they would just give us a new house.

We are down to the last few boxes inside the house to unpack. We finally got the internet up and running. Ryan has been hard at work hooking up our $125 dryer (we had to buy an electric, couldn’t hook up our gas one from home). He has also been hanging all my home decor and organizing our garage. Our garage will likely be for storage and instead of cars. I blame this on a certain someone who decide to bring 400 wooden blocks, 1000 Lincoln logs and a huge wooden train set. Hint, this wasn’t me. I also blame the person who packed 3 of the largest availabale cardboard moving  boxes with shoes . Hint. That was me !

We are also adjusting to the sites and sounds of living on post. We are very near the landing field so you see and here the helicopters all day and night. You can also here gunfire and mortar rounds. That takes a little more getting used to. It’s not normal to go to sleep hearing those things. I feel like I should be taking cover !img_0295

I have a lot to learn surrounded by all these men in women in uniform. I’m not sure who is who and how to address anyone so I really don’t talk much at all and try to avoid eye contact. Anyone who knows me knows this is highly unusual for me. Maybe this would be a good exercise in restraint. That and the fact that we are right on top of our neighbors and the weather is nice enough for windows to stay  open so I yell at the children a lot less. Speaking of children , the boys have a lot of learning to do here as well. I feel like it’s definitely frowned upon to have your 3 year old running amok hiding in the aisles of the commissary. I foresee a sideways glance a two when my 4 year old shouts “you idiot!” At his brother. From here on out it’s all yes ma’am, no sir and parade rest! I’m getting these kids squared away!

But I haven’t just yet. This weeks parenting fail is brought to you by Walker

Why does he think the microwave is a good place to store this baby doll?

Baby steps I guess. The first step is getting this house in order, the next adventure is navigating Tricare Insurance and the on post health clinic. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Adjusting to Army life

  1. You are a survivor and a possibilitarian (this from an artist who I take online classes)!! You see the possibilities and thrive and so will your family! Life is definitely an adventure every day. I bet your boys love the helicopters! Now, see if you can find a coffee/book shop to meet some people!! Hugs!


  2. You are doing great Sarah. I will be down to see you soon. (before I go to Indy next). Military life will be an adventure and before you know it, you will be dining at the “O” Club, meeting other wives, and finding out that your children are normal. And why did Walker decide the microwave was a good place to store his baby doll? Because he could. It’s that simple. Talk to you soon. (Having a surprise 60th Birthday Party for David on Saturday–best part, I suddenly don’t have much use of my right hand after hurting it in yoga last week. I have cooking to do on Friday. Joe and Melisa will get to learn my recipes and cook. And clean. And vacuum. I did shop.)


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