Car trips and chaos

     Tuesday morning Ryan and I woke before dawn to finishing packing the car and prep the kids for take off. Ryan insisted on starting the trip off with a healthy breakfast so he made eggs and bacon while I ran around like a chicken with my head chopped off. 

     Once my mom arrived we were ready to go. I thought I was so ready to be in my own home again but the goodbyes with my inlaws were way harder than I had anticipated. After living with them for nearly one month we had gotten into such a wonderful routine that I couldn’t imagine how I was going to bathe the kids or who was going to watch Curious George with us before bed. Who would take the boys to breakfast on the weekend? After a few tears were shed and hugs and kisses doled out we were one our way.

     My mother and I drove the truck with the 3 boys and Ryan drove our Edge solo. While he listened to pod casts on how to be a billionaire I listened to a lot of whining. We had a great first 3 hours! We set a timer for every 30 minutes and when the timer went off the boys got to unwrap a prize. We stopped in Columbus Indiana at Kids Commons to left everyone  get the crazies out. It was a blast! Walker loved the bubbles and Forrest liked getting flushed down the big toilet by the older kids.

     After Kids Commons we hopped on over to Zaharakos for lunch. I just love old soda shop feel and the mechanical music. The ice cream is heavenly and all the wood and marble decor is gorgeous! We enjoyed lunch, a little museum tour, some music and a sundae before we hit the road again. So far we were NOT failing this trip! 

     The next leg of the trip took a more challenging turn. We had to make 3 stops within the first hour or so because a certain passenger was experience some digestive issues. Actually, one child in our car and also Ryan. We persevered and continued with prizes and watching our mascot Speedy bounce around the dash. 

     Less than one hour from our hotel destination for the night in Nashville Walker started vomiting. I was certain he was carsick. He has been in the past. The noises were monstrous and the smell horrendous. Walker was puking and Forrest was screaming “It stinks! I’m gonna puke!” And Leo was wailing because was over it all. We pulled over at a gas station and this is where the failure kicks in. I was not prepared for vomit. Ryan was miles ahead of us and I had no clean clothes or cleaning supplies. Just a screaming crying half naked child in the parking lot of a gas station. I noticed a couple of cars drive slowly past to assess the situation. I am sure they thought we were kidnappers.

     Eventually ryan made it back to us and he helped clean up Walker while my mom and I scrubbed and sanitized as best we could with wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Almost an hour later we were back on the road only to have Walker puke in the parking lot in front of the hotel. But we all made it safely and we were all together.  

Day two: The home stretch

     Day two was slow moving because it turns out Walker was not carsick but SICK sick. Up all night with fever and chills moaning. We finally got on the road and drove to Birmingham without major incident for a lunch break. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A to let the kids play and eat. The weather was beautiful and sunny and nearly 70 and I stuck out like a sore thumb in my all black leggings shirt and knit ugg boots. I was surrounded by southern bells with accents and I was in a state of culture shock. We rolled on. Next stop

Sweet home Alabama:

     Or not. My frugal husband booked us a room in a seedy motel outside of our new home location. I was beyond distraught. The place wreaked of cigarettes. There were burns on the furniture. Our barefoot baby and black soles and the pack and play they provided was covered in stains and I’m pretty sure mold. I tried to keep my cool. Forrest was no running a fever and complaining about his stomach. Leo and Walker ended up sleeping in bed with me. I tossed and turned.

    Bright and early Ryan left to sign the lease, get the keys, and meet the movers. We stayed back with the kiddos because they were not feeling well and we wanted them to get some rest. We enjoyed some cable tv , the only good thing this place had to offer. 

    That afternoon we made it to our new home for the next year or so. It will definitely be an adjustment living on an army base. As I am writing this there are helicopters and gunfire I can here. Early this morning I heard loud humvees driving past my window. I think it’s beautiful here though. The woods and the weather. I hope this will be a good experience for my boys, seeing all these role models walking around in uniform. We are in a neighborhood with lots of other children and every time we step outside Forrest says hi to everyone. It will be so great for him. 

     Ryan has some down time to help us unpack and get settled. We are on the hunt for a dryer (we cannot use our gas dryer from home) and a microwave. Unpacking is fun and tideous all at the same time. This house feels much bigger than our home in Indiana and I told Ryan he will have a difficult time getting me to live in anything small next time. 

     We had a neighbor introduce herself right away and I clammed up. This is all so new to me. I’m nervous I don’t belong because I’m not a full time active duty army wife. I don’t know ranks and abbreviations and all the lingo. I’m learning about things like Revelry and Retreat and I know I’m bound to screw something up. But hey every failure is an opportunity to learn something new. So here’s to new adventures in military life! Wish us luck! 

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

6 thoughts on “Car trips and chaos

  1. I so hope this is an AMAZING experience for all of you and that you grow even closer because of it! Good Luck! I look forward to seeing your new house (soonish) and hearing about all your new adventures, you got this Sarah!


  2. Your trip sounds miserable and hilarious at the same time! At least, I hope it’s funny now. I read part of your post out loud to Claude. We can relate having raised 4 boys between us. Enjoy every day and don’t get too hung up on fitting in perfectly. You will fit in in your own special way. Anyone will be happy to call you friend. Be yourself, love on those boys (and Ryan). Can’t wait to read the next installment! Take care and glad you arrived to your home-for-a-little-while!


  3. Happy you all made it safe, even if there were a few hiccups. Don’t worry about fitting in and knowing the lingo, you will make new friends quickly, (how can they help but like you and the boys, you guys are wonderful!!!!). They surely can remember being new and will help you learn the ropes. Looking forward to the next installment. Happy unpacking!!! 🙂


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